Eddie's House

 E Indian School Rd & N Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ

they have bacon in meatloaf and absynthe shots. nuff said

kind of place where you feel comfortable. nice outside patio, comfortable inside seating, and kind of bar you can sit all day. it is an upscale place, i’d wore a nice shirt with a pair of slacks. i had the meatloaf stuffed with bacon , covered with thinly sliced lightly batterred onions on a bed of mashed taters that grandma would be proud of. it was a real treat. my buddy had a tenderloin steak wrapped with mashed taters that is made somewhat crispy from a quick toss in a frying pan. they were both overly satisfying and filling. absolutely worth the price. meatloaf was 19 and steak was 28. bartender takes care of you just take care of him. wink wink, $$. i would go there again and again. oh yeah, they have absynthe as well. for nine bucks had a shot of absynthe with a sugar cube melted down with cold water. tastes like black liqourish(sp). 106 proof!!!! only complaint is that there are no left overs.


better than Grandma’s. no really it’s excellent i would deffinately go there.

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