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Pearl Lian Oriental Bistro

 11600 Medlock Bridge Rd
Duluth, GA

Burnt and bitter tasting Salmon dish.

Went there tonight and ordered the salmon for my son but it was burnt tasting. When we complained the waiter offered to have it made afresh but returned the same burnt tasting meal; could not bring ourselves to eat it. Waiter took it away saying he would take it off the bill but when the bill came the salmon was still charged. We pointed it out and the poor waiter said we had to talk to his manager. Manager came and rudely told us that he himself had tasted both plates of salmon (the first and second) and neither was burnt. Fancy that, someone telling you how you should experience something; basically negating my experience. We had also ordered my daughter a chicken salad that never came; we asked why and the waiter claimed that although we mentioned it, we never confirmed it. We ended up manually subtracting the cost of the salmon – $18 – from the receipt and wait to see if they will challenge that. Shocking and bad experience overall. Don’t know why that happened. We won’t be back there for sure.


Wish I could upload photo. Looked good but tasted burnt (bitter). Complaints was refuted if you can believe that a manager can challenge a customer on their taste experience.

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