T.G.I. Friday's

 2488 E 80th Ave
Merrillville, IN

Eat here... if you want the worst experience of your life!

I used to love TGI Fridays. I have only been to the one in Merrillville twice. I have to say the first experience was mediocre at best the second was awful!!!! I can’t believe you people are still in business. Here is how my night went. My fiancé and I get to the restaurant and to be honest had I not gotten gift cards for my birthday I never would have gone, so we get there and there is open bar seating. I am 7 months pregnant and since he drives I don’t bother to have my ID most of the time. We are seated and sat for almost a good 5 minutes before we even got a drink order and then this is all new to me that you have to be carded just to sit in the bar area which is complete BULLSHIT!!! so the waitress said we couldn’t sit there even though we weren’t drinking my fiancé and I are well past 21 but whatever so I said well we will just have to wait for a table because anyone else knows that hey if you are that far along you can’t fit into a booth comfortably so I have to be inconvenienced and squeezed into a booth just to get my meal but at this point it was either that or I was going to leave. So we have to wait another 5 minutes to get our drinks again. Now I will say this the server we had at this point was friendly but your food was awful!!!! First of all its obvious your shrimp is frozen and then you are going to cover it in oil and deep fry it well today I got to spend my birthday completely sick because of your nasty ass food. Your fries were cold and bland but I couldn’t find or keep our servers attention long enough to do anything about it so I picked at my plate or get the managers attention at all, which you could barely tell they were a manager by the way they were dressed. I decided to get dessert to go this wasn’t that great either. I can tell you now I will never be back at this place. We really had a bad taste in our mouths from the last time we were there and now if you were the last restaurant in Merrillville I would just eat at home all the time. Disgusted that you people call yourselves a restaurant. completely overpriced for the shitty food and service that you provide.

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