Carmen's Restaurant

 4717 Singleton Blvd
Dallas, TX

Good food, Service?

Pretty good food, worth the price… however, I have a few complaints. First of all, I was very unhappy about being seated based on my race. It was very obvious that customers were seated according to the color of their skin. As a fellow Hispanic I want the manager to know that he/she should rethink this seating plan. My second experience with this restaurant was very unfriendly. I was trying to call in an order to go for my parents who cannot travel outside of their house. I was greeted by a nice gentleman who said they were still taking orders. Then the voice switches over to some chola who says the kitchen is closed. Come on now, do you know how ridiculous and unprofessional that came across? I’ll take my business elsewhere until the manager/staff change the attitudes.

Breakfast burritos


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