SOI 56 Bangkok

 1556 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Metal staple found in food SCARY!!!

This was a delivery order…..Thank god I didn’t eat, I somehow saw it before I put it in my mouth. It was in the banana fritters. Seriously how does something like that happen????? A staple, I mean that is a huge demonstration to me as to the cleanliness of their kitchen, how something like that can go unseen is scary. We also didnt end up eating either of the two fried rice dishes we got cause it smelled really gross, fishy or something, it was weird. And that was before we ever saw the staple in the banana.

never again will i order from this place, i’m completely traumatized!

BTW this is the frst time i have EVER written a review….I just had to tell someone since it’s not like I want a replacement from them ugh

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