Spice End: Kati Roll and Platters

 2004 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA

in love with the rolls here....

went to this place yesterday as i heard about it from some friends at Temple..
I couldnt say it was any different from New York..
The chicken and rice platter was really good…
but the attraction was its white sauce..thats wat adds up a notch.
not a fan of too spicy dint try the red sauce…
The ambience..service and people serving there were courteous to us.always smiling…
Though I went in there for some good old NY style platters I ended up trying those rolls from my friend’s plate and it was delicious.
overall i would go again and again and again….

chicken and rice platter

would definitely have it again….
the white sauce was what did most of the work for my platter.
i brought some home ;)
In the end I would definitely go again for it.

aloo masala roll

loved it!!
i am in love with the aloo masala roll!!
could have it for lunch dinner breakfast!
the stuffing inside was just right for me.not too spicy..and reminded me of my mom making something like this back home…
perfectly spiced and amazingly

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