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I want to like it....


Puebla Tacos

 1819 E Villa St
Pasadena, CA

Lucky me! This is my local Mexican place!

The decor is artfully funky and funny. The wait staff will recognize you after your first visit. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and — here it comes: if you can find better chile verde with pork on this planet, call me! I want to hear about it! My husband and I are here at least twice a week. He swears by the carnitas. I live for their pork burritos with chili verde. The verde sauce is so good, I routinely take home a “large Coke” sized styrofoam cup of it and put it on fried eggs, roast meat, cheese sandwiches, etc. The sauce to go costs me $3, and lasts me a week. Flour tortillas are hand-made while you watch and you have not eaten a better one! My only criticism is that the music tends to blare too loudly for such a small place. But the plain fact is that I do not know a better Mexican restaurant at any price point and I think I know most of them in my region. Enjoy — siempre chili verde!

green chili (pork) burrito

Sooooooo goooood! tender lean pork, luscious sauce. I don’t get through the week without one. Sometimes two.


Crisp edges, tender,flavorful. Just luscious! Wrapped up on a tortilla made on-site 3 minutes ago…. OMG this is fine!

refried beans

See! I don’t work here. These are adequate, but only that.

corn tortillas

Made on-site, fresh throughout the day. If you think you prefer flour tortillas, you owe it to yourself to try one of these. You’ll never go back! Thick, soft, tasting deeply of …. corn! Not even from the same universe as what you buy in the plastic wrap at the grocery store.

mole sauce

I’m not a mole fan, but I have eaten it all over the world in some very posh and pricey places. I haven’t tasted better than this.

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