Charritos Restaurant

 121 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ


“Welcome to the Neighborhood” –I don’t think so!

First off, No one in Weehawken- Especially those that live on the Beautiful Boulevard East “Welcomes Charritos” to the Neighborhood! Mainly because of its Angry Dwarf Owner; Uzziel Arias, who leased the space over 3 years ago & on day 1 began towing all his neighbors cars from his small parking lot even though he would not use it for another 2 years and they had been parking there already for the 4 previous years that the Restaurant had been Vacant.
Now that He is finally open, ironically he has overtaken all of the Residential Sticker Parking for his Valet service, leaving the Residence with no place within a 5 mile radius to park Their Cars. Which leaves me to ask -Why didn’t he evaluate additional parking options prior to leasing such a large Restaurant? Also, why couldn’t he have been welcoming to those neighbors who parked in his small space at the onset, knowing that he had every intention of boguarding all parking once he got opened?

In addition, He painted the once beautiful building to look like a Circus quality Mexican Barn & hung Used Car banners & flashing “OPEN” neons; Turning the lovely, quiet & sophisticated neighborhood into a loud Freak-show!
Seriously, its Proprietors like this in the Food & Beverage Industry that give it such a bad name & make neighborhoods not want them in it.

Had he been a man of Class & Restraint those neighbors might have been his best Customers but My Guess is Uzziel would need to look those words up in the Dictionary!

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