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Minsky's Pizza

 7007 Nw Barry Rd
Kansas City, MO

Great wings....not so great pizza

I tried Minsky’s after many many recommendations from people in Kansas City and various “best pizza in KC” awards online. Unfortunately, the pizza, at least, was a major disappointment.

Now, I probably should preface this…I’m rather particular about pizza…I spent some time living in Rome and got quite spoiled, and the style of pizza at Minsky’s is just nothing like pizza in Italy (or even like pizza on the east coast). I have tried their plain and whole wheat crusts, in hopes that at least one would be tolerable, but both were tough and flavorless. The sauce is bitter, and they use WAY too much cheese. If you’re a fan of extra-cheese, you’ll probably love the amount they use on a plain pizza.

In contrast to the pizza, Minsky’s boneless buffalo wings are actually quite delicious, as long as you eat them when they are fresh. They don’t survive if you do delivery, however, and they will probably get a bit soggy if you opt not to dine in. They are fairly mild, and a good value.

Ambiance is…well…a bit overwhelming if you don’t normally watch tv while you eat. This location has a ration of 1 tv for every 2 tables. It would be a great place to watch a game, but that’s about it.

Pizza - Plain - Large

This pizza is not my style at all, but a lot of people in the Kansas City area apparently love it because it wins a lot of awards. If you’re a fan of authentic italian or east-coast pizza, however, you’ll probably agree with me and not them :)

Boneless Buffalo Wings

These wings are great if you don’t like dealing with bones and messy fingers. The sauce is fairly mild, the wings are breaded.

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