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I have the best life ever. I live in a beautiful, intelligent city full of awesome people of every persuasion under the sun. We have a brilliant food and cocktail culture that is inclusive and innovative. Not much could be better. :)


Burma Superstar Restaurant

 309 Clement St
San Francisco, CA

Burma Superstar, how I love thee

The food here is fantastic. Everything is always exactly as stated, exactly what I want, and is served hot and promptly.

They offer a ton of vegetarian options and the menu is very robust. They also offer “Americanized” type dishes for those who are less adventurous/don’t necessarily like Burmese food. :)

Minus 1 star for the usually hellishly long wait (if you come for lunch, you may not need to wait) and the average service. Everyone working here is super polite, but occasionally forget things or bump your table every time they walk by, etc.

Foodha Approved! - Rainbow Salad * at Burma Superstar Restaurant

Rainbow Salad *

I adore this dish. There are 22 different ingredients and each one shines in it’s own way. Savory, sweet, hot, cold, and spicy all at once!

Mmmmm - Chicken Samusas at Burma Superstar Restaurant

Chicken Samusas

These are really tasty. I could probably eat like 17. They are little pockets full of mashed potatoes, peas, and curry chicken. Super tasty. Also come with a delicious red sauce that is a little spicy and very sweet. Only con is they are deep-fried and can sometimes be a little greasy.

Foodha Approved! - Nan Pia Dok (Coconut Curry Flat Flour Noodles. Available with Chicken or Vegetarian) * at Burma Superstar Restaurant

Nan Pia Dok (Coconut Curry Flat Flour Noodles. Available with Chicken or Vegetarian) *

So. Good. Delicious, chewy noodles tossed with spicy chicken curry, onions, fried noodles, lemon juice, string beans, and a little bit of chili for added kick. You will keep eating this long after your full because it’s so ridiculously good.

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