J.J. Rafferty's

 847 New Loudon Rd
Latham, NY

WORST place to have fun in a safe environment

I was in this establishment tonight enjoying dinner and a couple of drinks with some girlfriends I hadn’t seen in a long time. First of all, the parking situation here is TERRIBLE. The music was horrible. The seating arrangement was horrible. To be quite honest there weren’t many quality gentlemen in the entire place, which was packed, including the owner. I was approached and threatened by a guy in this place and because I verbally defended myself by asking him to stop talking so disrespectfully to myself and my friend, the owner accused me of starting an argument. He was as much of a jerk as the patron who bothered us. The owner actually got in my face and asked me what my problem was when he was told clearly by his security staff what was going on. This was all after my friends and I spent a large buck on dinner and drinks for over 3 hours. I was so insulted I left. His crappy establishment attracts crappy people. I wouldn’t spend another dime in there if someone gave me the money to spend there. Most of the security staff leave a lot to be desired as well. He has had the same boring DJ for years who absolutely attracts the wrong crowd. I strongly recommend that people go through the trouble of going out in Saratoga or in Albany. They will get treated with a lot more respect, have good music and a nice atmosphere to enjoy themselves in. We all work too hard for our money to waste it in a place like this. It is also very scary for a conservative, woman to be in an establishment where she doesn’t feel safe or protected by the security staff. BTW that unruly patron was not asked to leave. I will say again, the owner was a total scumbag jerk. His establishment should be closed.

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