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Gayle's Bakery & Rosticceria

 504 Bay Ave
Capitola, CA

Delicious local bakery and deli

This place was pretty awesome. I went with my girlfriend and we got there at about 1:00pm…even then, the place was packed…but that didn’t mean the wait was long.

Gayle’s is like a bakery and deli put into one, and they use high-quality ingredients in just about everything they make…and everything we had was great.

The place itself is nothing too remarkable…fairly large, with what almost seem like separate counters for the coffee, deli and bakery area (like separate areas in your local supermarket). You pick a number and then one person helps you get all the stuff you want…simple as that.

We had some peking chicken wings which were delicious…a really tasty, slightly sweet and very smoky-flavored marinade make these stand out.

We then had a turkey, avacado and jack sandwich. The flavors are light, but it’s done that way to let the flavor of the delicious dutch crunch roll it’s on come out…the more I ate this, the more I liked it.

I had a crocodile pastry which was sort of like a slice of pecan pie but with phyllo dough…it was delicious. My girlfriend had a fruit parfait that was excellent…they put fluffy chunks of strawberry shortcake in it that make it unique.

Just if it wasn’t so far away! A great place to grab lunch if you’re ever in the area.

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