Asian Buffet

 101 N West State Rd
American Fork, UT


My husband and I went to this place and sat down before looking at the food…big mistake! All of the (hot items) were room temperature or colder. Some of the food tasted Rotten and spoiled. The food was very heavily coated in oil…my guess is to keep the food moist while it sits their all day. We only had a few bites of the food before we decided that it was not worth the risk of getting sick. We told the manager that the food was cold and he told us we needed to scoop the food from the bottom. In most cases the food was already on the bottom! He went and checked the burner on one of the food items and said that the burner needed to be turned up. He told us he could reheat the food in the microwave and I told him..NO THANKS. I don’t want food poisoning, Im not going to eat anything here. He agreed to let us leave without paying. Well 12 hours later both my husband and I have the worst diarrhea and stomach cramps! I can only imagine how bad it would have been if we had eaten any more then a few bites. I wouldn’t step foot into this place again if it were the last restaurant on earth.

10. Spring Roll (2)

I had a bit of everything and it was ALL disgusting!

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