Texas Roadhouse

 7100 SW 3rd St
Oklahoma City, OK

Worst Service Ever!!!

I was seated at the bar on a busy Friday evening. The three bartenders were extremely busy. One of the bartenders, a young woman, greeted me and took my order and served my drink. I had been given no silverware or napkin. I went to the entrance and got my own silverware because I grew tired of waiting to make eye contact with my server. I then realized I had no plate on which to butter the rolls, which I received after finally getting her attention. Of course by then the rolls had cooled. She was very busy at the bar, however she spent a goodly amount of time counting out the tip jar money. I was able to get her attention to ask for some additional butter – which she promptly forgot. Another server came through for the butter and a fill up on my drink order. My server completely ignored me for the entire meal. Thank goodness for another server, whose name was Tammy. She was the only saving grace. It was the most miserable experience I have ever had as to service. The food was excellent, but I would certainly recommend not sitting at the bar if you want any service at all. Because all servers work so very hard, I tipped a very low (to me) 20% because I just can’t leave any less, but normally tip between 30% and 50% – occasionally more.


Excellent ribs….best in OKC.

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