Mercedes Mexican Restaurant

 11165 Irma Dr
Northglenn, CO

Overcharge and did not want to correct

My wife and I were at the opening of the brewery Beer by Design and when we left we thought we would stop by Mercedes Mexican for a burrito. I ordered a Chicken Burrito Deluxe smothered with Hot Green Chili and my wife ordered the same with mild chili. We were going to eat there so we sat down. Our food was brought out to us and the waitress said here is you MEDIUM burrito to my wife and here is your hot. My wife cut into her burrito and said that it had beans in it with the chicken. I checked mine and it was the same. We waived our waitress down and told her about the mistake. We own a business and like to be thoughtful to other businesses so I told the waitress that I would not make them produce a new burrito for me. My wifes was too hot so she had hers changed. So here I was with my burrito and my wife with nothing so we ordered some enchiladas so we could try them out. We had paid for our meal at the counter when we ordered so the enchiladas would have to be paid for at the end of the meal. The bill was brought and it was for the full amount of the enchiladas. I thought that she would have given me the credit for the Bean and Chicken burrito with this bill and she did not. The difference was a dollar. I asked her about it and she said that she could not do it because her drawer would be short. I asked to speak with the manager and she said that the owner was not there and she was in charge. She went to the back and came out complaining that I was asking for a dollar back. She got on the phone and was acting mad and giving us the look the whole time she was walking around the dining room. She came back to us and said that the owner said that she would do it but only this time. We were sort of shocked to hear this. I told here that all I wanted to do was to pay for what was served to me and that was the only right thing to do was to correct my bill. She said well apparently you need the dollar more than we do. I told her that it was not about the dollar it was about what was right. She could not see that. She said that she would have taken the burrito back and replaced it. I told her that it would cost the business more money to replace my burrito than to refund the difference. She could not see this either. She also said that if we had not cut into the burrito that she could have reused the food for someone else. We said that even if we did not cut into the food that in no circumstance should the food be reused for other guests. She said that they get a lot of complaints. We were surprised to hear her admit to this. We said that they will not stay in business if they do not make customers happy and she said that a lot of people tell them that also. Again very surprised. I gave her my card to have the owner give me a call. Now thinking about that I am worried about their ethics and retaliating against me.

Chicken and Bean Burrito

I would have gone back as I thought that the burrito was pretty good until she started arguing with me about me wanting to be billed correctly. Then she said that they would taken the food back and reserve it to another customer if we had not cut into it. Scary to me. Make customers happy and they come back. Piss them off over a dollar and they do what I am doing. Spreading bad things about the business.

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