China Palace Chinese Restaurant

 249 Glenside Ave
Holmes, PA

Good Chinese Takeout

A recent, rather large takeout order from China Palace got mostly Very Good reviews. We had shrimp egg roll, pizza rolls, won ton soup, pork fried rice, shrimp lo mein, shrimp in lobster sauce, shrimp in garlic sauce and general tso’s chicken. Almost everything was a cut above the usual closeby takeouts. Small complaints were that the lo mein noodles were really fat and I prefer a thinner noodle….taste was no an issue. Same thing for the soup…I prefer a thinner won ton noodle, not that super thick, purchased-elsewhere noodle, but again, taste was not an issue. Fried rice had relatively lean pieces of bbq’d pork and was not mushy. Rolls were crispy without being greasy. We will definitely order from China Palace again. The 4 Star rating was because of the noodles and that the shrimp in the lo mein were very small. Would have given 4 and 1/2 if I could.

Pizza Rolls

Very, very cheesy!

Shrimp in Lobster Sauce

Lobster sauce was a very tasty white sauce, not all gummied up with too much corn starch as some places do. Very creamy and tasty blend and the shrimp were super large and big portions.

Pork Fried Rice

very nicely cooked rice, not sticky, with pieces of mostly lean barbecued pork.

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