Cho Sun OK Restaurant

 4200 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL

Korean First Timer

Cho Sun OK was the first Korean BBQ I visited in the Chicago area. I have tried a few others, but Cho Sun OK is still at the top of my list. There’s something about their bulgogi that brings them a notch above the rest. The bi bim bop is also pretty tasty. The service isn’t always the friendliest, with waitresses basically taking over the cooking apparatus for you without saying a word, but at least it’s a learning experience. Once, I had one of the cooks watching me eat my bi bim bop and warning me about how how the sauce was that I was using. When I kept on adding it and saying that I liked it, he just laughed and laughed. I’m sure that novices like myself are pretty entertaining to them! The only downfall is that it’s pretty small (I’ve seen a line going out the door waiting for a table) and your clothes really reek of meat when you leave. None of those things will stop me from going back!

Bul - Go -gi

Tender and perfectly seasoned

Bi Bim Bop

The rice isn’t crispy on the bottom, but everything else is super!

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