Boubouffe Mediterranean Grill

 5313 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA

Do not eat here or support this establishment!

Horrible management and owner! Do not support this restaurant! No professionalism, ethics, respect, or customer service skills whatsoever. Management and Owner have major cultural issues and do not respect women at all. This was apparent by the way they spoke to me and treated me. Also, the owner will have your car towed from their lot, even if you are a patron at the restaurant and have only been there 30 minutes (and it will be your fault!).

This happened to me on Sat night when we were celebrating my Grandma’s 82nd Birthday at their restaurant. I was there less than an hour when I realized my car was towed from their lot. It took almost 2-1/2 hours of arguing with them to get them to pay the impound fees and they still refused to comp our meal. The whole experience ruined my Grandmas birthday.

Throughout this ordeal I received 2 nasty phone calls from the manager and 3 nasty calls from the owner. They were angry and aggressive on each call and talked over the top of me. They continued to harass me on each call saying it was my fault the car was towed, making up stories how I had been parked in their lot for hours, and how they told me to move my car, all lies! They kept saying “what’s your problem” and how inconvenienced they were cause they had to go pay the impound fees! They told me they didn’t care if I ever came back to their restaurant. They never once apologized or offered up a solution to the problem they caused!
I was trying to be nice and professional in dealing with them, but during the owners final call to me, he told me I had better tip the waitress more than $10 and pay the bill. I told him I would tip whatever I wanted and to not call me again, as he was now harassing me. I told him that if he didn’t pay the impound fees and stop calling, he would be hearing from the police and my lawyer. Finally that threat ended the phone calls and my car got paid for. Never have I been so poorly treated! Both the manager and owner were disrespectful, unprofessional and condescending in the truest sense of the word! Do not support this establishment please!

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