CiCi's Pizza Buffet

 6473 Baltimore National Pike
Catonsville, MD

Bravo to CiCi's

Bravo to CiCi’s
It is my pleasure to go to CiCi’s at 6473 Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville, MD at least once a week for many reasons. The food is fresh and tasty, numerous and varied in choices of salads and pizzas, excellent garlic bread, the best of brownies for desert, phenomenally great thick Alfredo sauce, and all so very inexpensively. Notably is the courtesy of the management Robert and Tony, and the personnel there who go out of their ways to make sure that each and every customer has a pleasant and enjoyable experience in numerous ways and by catering to personal whims or necessities of their patronage. CiCi’s also gives a generous discount to seniors on top of probably the most inexpensive buffet anywhere in Maryland, and many other states. Who are these people who complain in their reviews when they receive excellent food for the least amount of money? The answer is probably those empty individuals who think nothing of spending any amount of money for top star restaurants, brand name sneakers, genes, wines, sports games tickets etc… It has been my pleasure to host and to attend many embassy’s parties, and to go to those top star restaurants in many countries, and I still greatly like CiCi’s. My only request would be that CiCi’s serve coffee. I can’t change the world, but I can recommend that everyone give CiCi’s an open-minded try and to truly appreciate what they are receiving.

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