La Fondue

 1040 15th St
Denver, CO

La Fondue is Amazing!

La Fondue is an exquisite restaurant located on 15th street in downtown Denver. This restaurant is nothing short of amazing. From it’s delectable food to it’s fantastic staff and cozy romantic atmosphere you can’t go wrong. This place is perfect for an anniversary dinner or even a first date!
In fact, my fiancé proposed to me at this restaurant and it was the perfect setting. As I walked into La Fondue the hostess checked our jackets and we were promptly seated. Keep in mind that in order to be seated you will need reservations as this is a very upscale and popular place to eat. They then lead us back to a very cozy booth complete with surrounding candles and seasonal décor. They provided us with two waiters to ensure optimal service; which it was. They were both very pleasant and a great addition to our evening out.
The food was nothing short of exceptional. All they serve is fondue, hence the name, but they have a great assortment of foods from which to choose. You have to cook the food that is brought to you which is a different change of pace from typical restaurants that prepare your meal for you, but it does make for a fun and relaxing experience. They provide numerous ensembles of food for you to choose from. We decided to have the cheese appetizer which consisted of breads, fruits and vegetables and a cheese fondue sauce. Then we ordered the fillet mignon and chicken dinner which also came with potatoes and vegetables and an oil fondue to cook it in. We then were brought a platter of cheesecakes, cakes, fruits and dessert breads and chocolate sauce to dip it in. The food was amazing and we had a great time cooking it together!
Our bill was a bit pricey. We ended up paying $120.00 for the food not including alcohol. Like I said before, it is an upscale restaurant but in this case you definitely get what you pay for and it was worth every penny.
Overall this restaurant was phenomenal. The staff was very warm and welcoming and the atmosphere was perfect for our proposal evening, but would also be perfect for a first date or even a night out with friends. In either case, it will be a dinner to remember.

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