Steak 'n Shake

 3821 41st Avenue Dr
Moline, IL

Worst Customer Experience Ever

I had the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life at the Moline Steak and Shake. My family of 5 had just gotten out of church, and the restaurant was only 1/3 or so occupied. We waited about 15 minutes before anyone showed up to take our order. Our order was taken, and a glass of water was dropped off about 10 minutes later. A second glass of water was dropped off because another table didn’t want it. After we had been sitting for 55 minutes, food started showing up at the table…it didn’t look right…I lifted the bun & it was definitely NOT what I had ordered. My wife & kids did the same. I stated that we have been sitting for 55 minutes, and now we don’t even get the correct food that we ordered? She took the sandwiches back on the tray (after my whole family handled the food) and started going through the slips of orders hanging on the wall…trying to find out which table the food really belonged to. My guess is that the food got re-delivered to the “right” customers…even after other customers handled it! I asked to speak to a manager. The waitress said I would have to go to the cash register to do that. After waiting another 8 minutes, the manager arrived & asked what the problem was. I said we’d been sitting for 55 minutes and our order wasn’t even right. She asked if $20 something was OK for a reduced bill…and I stated $20 something for what??? We never got the shakes or food we ordered!!! The manager said she’d talk to our waitress…and that was IT! There was no: How can we make this right? Here’s a $25-$50 gift certificate…please come back & we’d like to earn back your business. Needless to say, we went to Wendy’s next door…and 8 minutes later, we had our correct order, and the food was EXCELLENT! I’ve never had such a horrible customer experience in my life!!!

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