The Happy Buffet

 2158 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA

Is It Really Happy??

The Happy Buffet is located in The Bristol/Warner Shopping Center in Santa Ana. There is a big sign off Warner but it is a small driveway so be careful not to miss it. The waiers try to live up to the title by greeting you at the door, seating you right away and taking your drink order. The buffet itself has scary type fish dishes as well as your standard chinese food. I stuck with the standard orange chicken, steamed rice, and tapioca pudding since I knew what they were. They were definitely served fresh and at the right temperatures. My friend tried some crab or lobster but they did not give him any of those claw things to crack it and he took forever. I told him I would not work so long just to get small bites of food. We paid for the food last and the cost is reasonable since we only spend $20.00 for two people including drinks and fortune cookies. Not to exciting compared to other buffets.

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