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After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says WTF...

Don’t insult me by telling me a dish is something that it isn’t. If you’re going to eat it make it fresh and make it out of real food. Living in Beaver County, Pennsylvania does not mean I don’t travel the world & eat REAL food.

BaRuni Grille

 3797 Duss Ave
Baden, PA

Never met a Prime Rib I couldn't chew...

Until now! I have visited several times and my opinion is quickly changing. I can only guess that they have “keeping good employee issues”. The only food that is consistent and cooked properly is the “bar food” and deffinately NOT the dinners or specials. Table service has fallen from excellent to fair. I keep sensing glimpses of corners being cut.

Prime Rib

Saturday night special was fit only for a large carnivor. You know…the type of beast that has the canine teeth to rip apart flesh and then swallows it whole! Three of us had the same entree and try as we did, could not slice the steak without forcefully sawing to cut through the meat and could not chew it without great difficulty. I have never seen an unchewable prime rib anywhere ever else. How do you mess that up? My son’s side dish was chicken noodle soup and he sent it back it was sour. How do you make chicken soup that is sour? We all had what was called the Italian green beans. They were regular green beans that were way undercooked with a drizzle of oil on them. The “au jus” that was served tasted like beef base grannules that were not completely dissolved. The au jus was way too thick and dark brown to be ‘natural juice’ which is what I thought au jus meant! You know what Ba’Runi’s? Get yer act together or don’t bother. Just stick to the bar food menu!


Pacentro's Pizzeria

 2282 Brodhead Rd
Aliquippa, PA

NOT My Nona's Italian

Visited here before. Shared a large, plain cheese pie. It was indeed fresh and tastey. Nice, small neighborhood italian spot. Clean. Friendly and attentive waitstaff. Owner/Manager takes constructive criticisim as a personal afront.

Pizza Di Pacentro

Menu Lists this pie as a hand tossed Gourmet Pizza. Touted as “A home town favorite”. Olive oil, Italian spices, garlic, prosciutto, & capicolla, topped with provolone cheese. Perhaps I hail from a WAY different Italian town!? My Nona would have withered way in shame before serving this pie to anyone. I took half of the 6 cut pie home so that I could weight the meat topping. It came in at 0.30 of an ounce. So is the standard for a gourmet pizza 6/10th’s of an ounce of toppings? I found one tidbit of capicolla on this pie and the ham just looks like ham. It does not appear to me to be Parma ham. Yes, I could be wrong. However, I’m a fair judge of technicalities where foodstuffs are concerned. The waitress asked how the meal was and I told her. My pie was tasty but, it shouldn’t be called a gormet Italian meat pie because it was nearly devoid of Italian meat. She said she would pass along my sentiments. A man who I guess to be the owner(because his pictures with the rich or famous are all over the walls) swaggers up to the table and asks “What’s the problem”. I repeated my opinion, verbatim. He said “it’s there”. Obviosly needing to prove his customer wrong rather than listen to my feelings. Ok, so, yeah 6/10th’s of an ounce of some kind of meat was on this 10" gourmet Italian pie. By FDA standards it qualifies as being an ingredient. PLEASE don’t puff up yer pin feathers here and go running for this mistake of an Italian pie!


World Famous Nawlins Cafe and Spice Emporium

 1101 North Peters Street
New Orleans, LA


A walk-up and sit at the counter eatery, contiguous with their product line shop. The experience was open air awesome. Located inside the French Market House structure. A historic shelter which houses numerous shops, produce stalls, small eateries, and a huge flea and artisan mart. The streetcar can wisk you from the Riverwalk Mall area, downtown and drop you at the end of the line, within a few minutes to this amazingly fun venue on N. Peter’s Street in uptown French Quarter. The French Market has posted hours from 9a-6p. This eateries hours are M-T 8a-8p, F-S 7a-8p, and Sunday 7a-7p. World famous sells all manners of beans, spices, sauces, coffees, and creole and cajun packaged mixes. They also have an internet shop for purchases of their products online and ship anywhere. The restaurant counter man and the cook were delightful characters and service was pleasant and swift. Food was plentiful and delicious. You CAN eat very well in NOLA without dropping $100 a meal !!!!!!!

Griled Alligaor

Louisiana alligator grilled with N’awlins cajun seasonings, served with veggies and spicey poatoes, tossed salad, and grilled bread. My first taste of alligator. It was very much like the texture and flavor of pork tenderloin. They served it in what the cook called a creole sauce. It was so good, flavorful, not over spiced. Broccoli was steamed perfectly, bright green and freshly flavorful. The roasted seasoned potato chunks were excellent, tender inside a nice chewy bite outside. Their tossed salad actually had a multitude of vegetables along with mixed field greens and iceburg. This wasn’t just a bowl full of iceburg lettuce. A delightful, filling meal which two of us shared.


Tubby's Golden Lantern

 1239 Royal St
New Orleans, LA

Neighborhood watering hole

Tubby’s Golden Lantern is just a few blocks away from the insanity of the main French Quarter. We enjoyed spending time relaxing and socializing in this establishment. This is not a venue where you will dine on NOLA specialties, as they haven’t a kitchen. This is not a venue where you will enjoy live bands. This IS a bar where locals and lucky tourists straggle into’s for good drinks and gab. Tubby’s is typical of NOLA bars with exposed brick walls, nondescript cement floor. They had clean restrooms and local artwork on the walls. The bartenders are very friendly and make an excellent cocktail. We found the clientelle to be talkative and welcoming as well. The drinks at Tubby’s were much larger and priced much lower than in the overpopulated trendy spots in the Quarter.

Bloody Mary

DELICIOUS! Seasoned, not overspiced, loaded with green olives and pickled green beans. About a 12-16 ounce serving. Keep up the good work, Tubby’s. When in NOLA, we’ll be back!


Cheeburger Cheeburger

 101 Wagner Road
Monaca, PA

Sharp and Shiny greasy spoon

Hey, it’s nearly brand new at this local. 1950’s psuedo-styled decor. Very bright, shiny, crisp and clean. Fair to good service, waitstaff is young and polite. It’s usually bustling busy. I found it to be rather loud accoustically. The milkshakes are thick and the flavor was divine. Portions were rather large, which doesn’t appeal to me. You can’t get a small anything. The small order of fries or rings they say will serve 1-2 people I saw them and I feel it’d feed more like 3 people, maybe 4. The kids meals would be plenty of food for me, however none of them came with onion rings. I felt the burgers/grilled sandwiches/fries/onion rings were too fat-laden for my palate. The vittles were what they are supposed to be. I guess this style no longer appeals to me. Economics seems to have made most joints increase prepared food prices. Understandibly! However, I still think it’s kind of dumb to pay $8-9 dollars for a burger and fries! I also feel it’s impossibly foolish for people to be ingesting portions of food this huge. There are tons of options on the menu for build your owns. I would try them again and see how they do in the ‘salads’ department, of which there were many on the menu.

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Melt

Bread and cheese were large. The grilled portobello was the smallest one I’ve ever seen, about 2 1/2 to possibly 3" across. It was lost inside the thick, greasy slabs of grilled bread. At $8-9 dollards an order I would not recommend this sandwich.

The Delirious

My partner ordered and ate nearly the whole thing. It was made to order as requested, with swiss and only lettuce to top. Also about $8-9 dollars.

Shake or Malt

He had the banana shake. Of course I had a sip. This was delightful. It was very flavorfull and quite thick. I haven’t any idea what they charge for them.

small combo fries/rings

Again, for us this amount of a serving is way too much. We ordered it because you can’t get just a few onion rings, which was all I wanted. He eats french fries. The rings were really tasty! Delicate and crisp outers and sweet, juicy onion inners. They are heavily laden with oil. He had no coments or complaints about the fries. I believe this combo order would easily feed 4 people for a side dish.


Stone Mansion Restaurant

 1600 Stone Mansion Dr
Sewickley, PA

Somewhat Pretentious

Large-scaled setting, dinning rooms, of which there are many and on varied levels are of differing size, but mostly large and high-ceilinged, stone walls or of deepley colored woodwork. Several large stained glass window pannels in house for decor. Valet parking only. The lounge boasts a broad and long bar and is surrounded by walls of windows. New Year’s Eve, had a one man show… singer, keyboardist, with midi-files back-up. Kind of a letdown for such a grand setting. A three piece jazz ensemble would have much better suited the space, myself, and possibly the crowd, which was polite and pleasant enough, however way too subdued for a holiday evening, outing. The Stone Mansion in Wexford is ‘the perfect spot’ for the 50-something upper-yuppy Franklin Park McMansion crowd. The service from valet, greeters, coat checkers, bartenders, waitstaff, and bussers were mostly superb. Drawbacks: We asked a question about desert wines and never recieved an answer. Also we ordered a bottle of rielsing, Carl Reh, which we like and know and waitstaff tried to talk us into a vintage twice the price. Gentrified clientele. Overpriced dinners, but I suppose you would need to charge more for retaining an accomodating staff.

prime rib dinner

Tossed field green salad and warm dinner rolls were served prior to the entree. The salad was served with a fruity house dressing which had well balanced flavors. The prime rib was a melt-in-your-mouth tender 12 ounce chunk of beef. This entree was cooked to perfectly rare, as ordered. The dinner was served with broiled green asparagus and oven roasted new potato wedges, accompanied by a side of au jus and one of horesradish. The portions were plenty for my appetite and I took most of the meat home in a doggie box and served steak and eggs for breakfast in bed New Year’s morning!

Glazed pork tenderloin

My picky-eater partner had this plate. He loved it. He said the glaze was flavorful without being sharp or spicey. This dinner also came with sides of broiled asparagus and the roasted new potato wedges. Must of been a New Year’s Eve special.

Shrimp cocktail

Two of us shared the appetizer. The cocktail sauce was good but not outstanding, there were 4 decent, but not jumbo-sized shrimp. They were fresh, but plain tasting.


Dorido's Restaurant

 6408 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA

THE best fish sandwich eastern USA

Dorido’s is a long-established neighborhood icon. This restaraunt deserves iconic standing. Unpretentious and clean atmosphere. They have a two-leveled dinning area, the first floor is mainly a bar area. Dorido’s is owned, managed, and staffed by the most adept men you’ll ever meet. Service is curteous, swift, and exacting. I haven’t ever been there, that it wasn’t swamped with customers. They do a brisk take-out service as well. I have been a patron for decades and nothing about the service, quantity or quality has declined. Victuals are done from scratch and comprable to my best homemade chowders and bisques. They have a basically american bar menu that is oh, so splendidly heavy towards seafod dishes. Don’t be mistaken and think the dishes are from a frozen box and grease fried. NOT! It is splendidly wonderful done correctly real food.

Giant fish sandwich

Fresh, huge, beer batter dipped whole cod fillets. The fish on this bun probably weighs-in around a pound, and dwarfs the soft, fresh roll. They have plenty of sides from which to choose, but, I find, I can’t ever even finish the sandwich. I haven’t found a better tasting or a better quality fish sandwich anywhere from Maine to Florida. The flavor of the codfish is the bomb. Dorido’s…please don’t ever change!!!



 2000 Smallman St
Pittsburgh, PA

Always soooo tasty

I’ve been to Kaya several times in past years. Everything I or my dinner companions had was always outstanding. I was recently there for lunch with my daughter. Again, every dish that came to our table was superb. The plate composition, textures and temperatures of the foods, and accompanying sauces are perfection. The whole facility is clean and well attended by staff in each area. Bathrooms have been exceptionaly clean and well-supplied.

corn and lentil beignets

corn and lentil beignets with green curry sauce. Is so good… 5-6 almost tennis-ball sized savory beignets. Toasty and golden brown arrives screaming hot. They were substantial, yet delicate. Crisp outer shell opened to the fork without effort. The inner beignet was tender pastry combination of whole kernel roasted corn, black lentils, seasonings are savory with a bite at the finish. The green curry sauce has a mayonaise-like texture. This smooth and creamy light-green dip was so full of complimentary and contrasting flavors, also had a good kick to it, spice-wise. I coulda licked the bowl!!! Two of us shared these and it was plenty for an appetizer.

jamaican green curry vegetables

A wonderfuly filling vegetarian plate. The island-style curry sauce is sweet, tangy, spicy, and not so hot that it takes the skin off your palate. There was a pleasing variety of winter vegetables in the mix. Carrot, cauliflower, mushroom, swiss chard, fingerling potatoes, onion, and probably more. There is a heaping serving with this of savory, saffron tinted rice.

Crispy fish tacos

I’ll guess that the two fish fillets per taco was talapia, it was very mild. The light breading was delicate and yes, it was crisp. The slaw tasted of asian influences, it was fresh and very crisp. That contrasted nicely with the ripe, creamy slice of avocado, which lay at the bottom of the soft taco shell. There was a smattering of a spicey sauce topping the taco. The menu lists it as a spiced creme fraiche. This item comes with two tacos and a tossed greens and a salted, toasted seed salad, simple but very good. It was tossed, very lightly in a savory, but nondescript dressing.


Shenanigan's Irish Pub-Seafood

 4th & Boardwalk
Ocean City, MD

Busy on the weekends, prepare to wait...

Lively, busy, decorated to appear Irish-pub. No noticable traditional Irish plates on the menu. The posted online menu is two years out of date. Good selection of Irish beer, ale, and stouts. You’ll wait a long while for the attentions of the barkeep as well, Uhum… unless your a ‘stacked blond".! Waitstaff is curteous even though they’re constantly running. Food came to table @ proper temperatures. Atmosphere is cheerfull. Facility is fairly clean for the amount of people traffic. Our meals were average to good. Don’t expect any Irish home cooking.

Dubliner's corned beef

I wanted a cold corned-beef sandwich. This sufficed. Everything was fresh and tasty. The marbeled and seeded rye bread was good. The Swiss cheese was good. The leaf lettuce was fresh. The mustard was good. The corned beef was grocery-store deli-style, not slices of a boiled, then chilled corned beef. Disappointing! This came with nice chunks of kosher pickles and crinkle-cut potato chips


These came loaded with veggie toppings and cheese. Served with big chunks of kosher pickle and chips.

curry waffle fries

Our table shared these as an appetizer. The fries were good, crisp outters chewy potato inners, season sprinkled waffle-shaped. The curry dip in a bowl on the side was divine! Sweet, hot, tangy with small chunks of onion and celery.

McGrath burger

Nice sized beef hamburger. cooked to order was done as requested. Your choice of cheese and toppings. Ours was requested with NO PICKLES. We found two big pickle chunks on the plate under the bun!? Side of french fries for a small extra charge. Fries were cooked properly, crispy and served very hot.


LA Mexicana

 400 N Philadelphia Ave
Ocean City, MD

On the edge

I don’t know how long they’ve been in this facitlity. I was thinking perhaps they just moved in? Looks like it was a pizza shop last month. The food was quite good, but the facility is a mess. It is not attractive, hasn’t any ambience, and was on the dirty side in the dinning area. I was warned by my daughter to not even go into the restroom. We could see into the kitchen area and the cooking facility appeared to be in order, the cook staff were using proper techniques. Several Hispanic families were dinning when we walked in to place take-out orders. The meals we veiwed amongst the diners consisted of plentifull and appealing dishes. Their business card advertises themselves as a Restaurante Y Pasteleria, specializing in tres leches pastry. I didn’t notice any cakes.

Camerons Diablo

Shrimp in devil sauce was very good. The portion was substantial, I had 12 large/jumbo shrimp. This came accompanied with a seasoned rice, spiced pinto beans, salsa verde, and grandma’s tortillas. The red diablo sauce was so good, it was spicy but not so spicy that you couldn’t taste shrimp. I tried a dab of the salsa verde and couldn’t eat it. It was clear your sinuses potent. The homemade tortillas was a treat with the spicy sauce. They had a mild corn flavor, were on the bland side, which was appreciated. I believe they were made to order. They came six to a foil roll and were delicate, hot, and soft.

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