Hale's Restaurant

 2755 Se Tualatin Valley Hwy
Hillsboro, OR

Bad food & Rude service

This place just gets worse and worse. I was there on a Sunday night during dinner hour in the bar which I have returned to occasionally because the atmosphere is rather pleasant. NEVER AGAIN! I had to send my salmon meal back to the kitchen because the fish was spoiled (all 3 people at my table tried it and agreed it was disgusting). After doing this without making a scene the bartender came out of the kitchen yelling at me from across the room “that’s our salmon, there’s nothing wrong with it!” attracting the attention of what few other customers she had. One person who I was eating with had shrimp and scallops in his dish and he said the scallops were borderline but I think he was afraid to send it back at that point and took most of it home for his cat.

She continued to be rude to me in every possible way and EXTREMELY solicitous of the men in my party, I presume because she expected them to pay and therefore leave the tip.

In the past I have noted VERY slow service and mediocre food but I have never been yelled at, anywhere for a complaint (which by the way is very rare for me to complain to the server about the food).

I noticed that on a day they should have plenty customers there was a noticeable lack of clientele. Something needs to be done by management such as teaching servers the customer is always right and upgrading the food and having a minimum time a person should be seated before being served. And NEVER yell at or argue with a customer! If this can’t be addressed than they deserve to loose all their business

blackened salmon fettucini

Spoiled fish treated with something that gave it a chemical flavor.

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