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I'm not picky, I just have discriminating tastes.

I don’t eat beef.


Cafe Asia

 1550 Wilson Blvd Lbby 1
Arlington, VA

Maybe I'm biased.

It might be that I am predisposed to dislike pan-Asian restaurants, but Cafe Asia has never done anything to counter that bias. The only dish that I have ever had there that is worth ordering is the Indonesian seafood fried rice, and that is way over-priced.

Every other dish I have had there has been bland or tasteless. The $1 dollar sushi specials during happy hour are hardly worth the gas or metro fare it takes to get there. If you get stuck in the back room of the one in Rosslyn you might want to bring a hearing aid because the acoustics are terrible.

Cafe Asia is a good place to hang out with friends, though, because it’s roomy and has a large bar. But if you’re looking for quality cuisine, look elsewhere. It might be that cooking in several different styles is just too hard to pull off without hiring several chefs, but I have never been to a pan-Asian place I’ve liked. Cafe Asia is no exception.

Seafood Fried Rice (Indonesian Style)

It tastes good enough, but that’s probably because it’s pretty hard to screw up fried rice. The price tag is pretty hefty, but the portions are large enough that it’s probably justifiable.

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