899 1/2 Green Bay Rd
Winnetka, IL

The Owner is a SHYSTER!

I will NEVER give this restaurant my business again!!! I had my wedding shower here this past Saturday and it ended on a very sour note. The owner put together a menu at a flat per person rate. The menu included choice of 2 soups and choice of 3 entrees and bottomless non-alcoholic drinks and pastries. On the day of the event, he totally omitted the soup from the menu!!!! Plus he only assigned 1 waitress to work a room of 30 people and she was absolutely rude to my guests: she was caught rolling her eyes several times and she would not give people drink refills when they asked (never mind her asking people if they needed refills- she NEVER asked if anyone needed anything else!) The owner is a total SHYSTER. I asked him why the soup was omitted – he said it was never agreed to despite me showing him the email he sent me outlining what was included! This was a HORRIBLE way to treat his customer (we spent over $1000!! plus I even ordered flowers from his wife!) not to mention he lost all of my guests as potential future customers. What was supposed to be a joyous occasion was overshadowed by the crappy service and the owner’s attempts to cut every corner he could to give as little as possible for the flat per person price he charged. He is a lousy human being!

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