Yucatan Mexican Grill

 4014 Washington St
Roslindale, MA

Yucatan abuses it's employees

I am not an employee of Yucatan Mexican Grill but if I was I probably would be working for free. I had a friend working there along with other immigrants who i mean no harm to and the owner withheld the money every “payday”. My friend was strong and demanded the pay but other workers were not so strong. Most of them left without ever receiving what was owed them. The owner also uses psychological abuse on the workers as he knows that they are afraid of being deported if they are caught. I wish somehow to expose this type of abuse without harm to the employees. I for one will never eat at either one of Yucatan’s establishments for these reasons. I would hope that others would join in this stand for the rights of the people who work so hard to make their lives better only to encounter monsters like the owner of Yucatan Mexican Grill.

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