Espresso Pizza

 584 Main St
Fitchburg, MA

Not the same as it was

i just found this site and had to add a comment.

I have not lived in Fitchburg since 1970 ( now in San Diego) but I returned in 2002 for a funeral and I had raved to my kids about Espresso Pizza. I was in there practically every day after school until graduation in 1965.

I was absolutely shocked when I took them there. I have no idea at what point the flavor changed so drastically.

I do not know if the restaurant has changed hands, or if the cooks from back then passed down the recipe and it was ignored. I just know that it was terrible.

I was embarrassed that I had bragged about it so much to my kids.

I know what it used to taste like and that was not it……

Donna Toussaint

Cheese, Pepperoni and Sausage pizzas

It was terrible, the sauce tasted strange to me. The crust was burned.

The atmosphere was not that great

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