A. B. C. Amy's Baking Company

 7366 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ

ABC Scotsdale, Arizona

Attempted to eat at ABC.I was servereda raw pizza and the server was afraid to take it back to finish it. I then asked for a hamburger with assorted toppings and it was served on a soggy bun with a confusing taste.I ordered it medium rare and it came out well done. Figuring I could not send it back-took a bite --TERRIBLE!!!!!!I was going to pay with cash but the server told me not too because they do not get tips -the owner keeps them. So I personally tipped my server in cash and paid my bill with a credit card. DO NOT EVER EAT THERE!!!! Sending a note to your state and federal government-- HOPE you have claimed your tips as income. YOU WILL BE CLOSING SOON.

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