92nd Street Cafe

 9160 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ

Want to get ignored? (Part two)

First of all, allow me to preface this by saying that I have been in the service industry for over 10 years. So compared to most people I am EXTREMELY forgiving to restaurants, bars and their staff.

My sister and I sat at the bar of 92nd Street Cafe on a Wednesday night and the place was dead. The only other people in the establishment were a family of 4 eating dinner at a table at 3 frat boys at the bar. Our bartender, MICHELLE, completely ignored us the whole time…instead, flirted with the frat boys next to us. I ordered a Colorado Bulldog, a drink every bartender should know how to make…when It came back with no cream, I politely asked for them to add it. It was thrown back at me as if I was the biggest nuisance for asking.

The food…I wish I took a picture of it, it was such a joke. I ordered the “Warm Chopped Grilled Vegetable Salad.” According the the menu it included grilled vegetables with diced peppers, zucchini, grilled corn, spinach and romaine lettuce." It came to me, all romaine lettuce with what tasted like canned corn on top. I don’t know where all the other vegetables were. When my sister asked what came on the salad, MICHELLE responded with an attitude like she obviously didn’t care “I don’t know, green peppers, lettuce, some other things…” Then walked away not offering to correct it.

Even though we sat there with empty glasses for over 25 minutes, MICHELLE didn’t check on us ONCE. Instead, flirted with the guys next to us. After almost 30 minutes, I asked “Excuse me, are you our waitress?” She gave me the look of death and asked “What?” I asked again “Are you our waitress?” She said in the snottiest, attitude “I’m your BARTENDER.” It was at that point we asked for our check and left.

When an establishment makes you walk away asking yourself “What did I say or do to that waitress/bartender/whoever to piss them off and make them treat us so poorly” you know it’s a BAD place that you should never go back to. I may have even gone back despite the crappy food. But our joke of a service from MICHELLE and her ugly attitude is repellent to anyone. Don’t go here.

Warm Vegetable Salad


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