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Burke, VA


Ready for this everyone?? Well here it goes, I order a few subs from this dump a few days ago. My coworkers and I were having a sit down luncheon. Don’t remember the exact time I ordered the subs, however, the team received their lunch from pizza hut ate their food and I was still waiting for mine and one of my coworkers sub. It was getting late and our one hour luncheon was over, therefore I contacted this dump aka as Manginos to cancel. They were not happy and their response was, we are busy today. My coworker told me it was a good hour that we waited!! This dump is 3 minutes away by car. Well low and behold I looked at my bank statement and I was charged for food I never received! I contacted a Sean who claims he is the manager, and he was down right rude and said he was not going to reverse the charges because they took the time out to make the food!! Really!! I told him that I was in the restaurant business and good customer service is , the “customer is always right” he went on to say that that was a myth and if he had to he would take me to court , so not did he not reverse the charges but now I was convinced that this Sean who cant speak 2 words English doesn’t know anything about good customer service. I am now working with my bank to get my $17.95 back and I’m sure I will. You see Sean, you should have worked with me in a professional manner and made your customer happy! Instead you chose to work against me argue with me and act like the FOB you are! I’m not done. stay tuned… please folks do not bring your business here unless you don’t care for GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE and remember the manager/owner Sean himself stated that " the customer is always right" is just a MYTH!

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