Burns Bar BQ

 8307 De Priest St
Houston, TX

WOW, best I have had

Wow, I moved here from western Canada and was introduced to southern BBQ . I had a few places before this one and liked them. Once I tried Burns BBQ I was left wanting more and could not believe the flavour of the smoked meats or the way the rib meat came easily off the bone and not dry but very moist. I have tried other BBQ places since but am always disappointed because Burns BBQ was so good that now I can’t enjoy other places since my taste buds keep remembering this place. Rudy’s I have come to like as my second favorite but they don’t come no where near the flavour and the quality of this BBQ but rudys is everywhere so I can stop anytime…….cant wait to go back when in the area. If you don’t go, you won’t know. If you do then you will never have anything better. I have tried for years to find something even similar or better……I have not found either. Parking could be bigger but worth the walk if you have to park down the street or even blocks away as it is well worth it.

BBQ ribs, loaded potato

Absolutely the best

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  • 3/06/2018

    Dgb1707 tried Burns Bar BQ in Acres Home, liked it, and rated it . Dgb1707 liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    I moved here from Canada and tried this BBQ and have not had anything better since as I have tried others. Rudy's is my second favourite and i know ruddy is a chain but hands down Burns bbq is 100 times better than even my second favourite so far.
    The parking as little parking is available but worth the walk if you find somewhere else to park
    Simply amazing smoked meats. the bbq ribs fell right off the bone and I keep trying new places to see if they can match or beat out burns bbq but i keep getting disappointed as my taste buds keep yearning for this mouth is watering just writ

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