Cafe Galante

 419 St Armands Cir
Sarasota, FL


If you want to be treated rudely and ignored—go here. Otherwise, visit one of the wonderful restaurants that are nearby. We go to St. Armands at least twice a year and never been disappointed before at any of the restaurants. We rode up the elevator and were seated at a table for 4. After several minutes, they came and split the 2 tables. That was okay—we understood and didn’t mind. But, we still had not been given menus or silverware. My husband got up and got those from the counter. The people working there repeatly walked by and ignored us. We asked 4 different people for coffee. So after about 10 minutes we got up and left. They were finally bringing the coffee as we headed for the elevator. No apologies-just excuses. This place was very unorganized. The food might have been excellant, but we will never know, because we will never go back! There are too many wonderful, friendly places to eat in St. Armands, that want their customers happy and even if you have to wait are friendly

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