Dog & Suds

 2163 N Ridge Rd E
Elyria, OH


I have known the owners since i was a kid and great that the lady of the house always treated me like one of the kids!! they also have a place down here in the winter!!(Florida). not sure if they kept up there restaurant down here, but have to say they have out lasted 99.9999% of restaurant owners in the USA. it came by hard work and perseverance!!! i have a degree in hotel motel restaurant mtg. and worked for Marriott so i know the hard work they put into their business. my girlfriend and even one of my daughters have worked for them….. the day they close there on old rt 254 is going to make tons of people pretty sad….i hope that one of you kids buys their business and keep it going another 50 yrs!! 14 stores are left and let this one still be the model for dogs n suds….


some of the smoothest root beer i have ever had in my life and the mushrooms are killer!!!! onion rings are top notch too!!! and a hamburger you even think about on the way back home because it was soooo freakin good!!!

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