jazz cat cafe

 640 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA

Hot Pot for Hipsters

This aint the hot pot you went to with you parents back in the day. Not saying it isn’t tasty, but there’s a couple differences:

First off, the atmosphere is different. It looks more like a trendy boba milk tea cafe, than a hot pot restaurant. Which, I guess is fitting, since they also offer a variety of boba drinks with your meal.

Second, everyone gets their own hot pot. It’s not one giant bowl in the middle of the table for everyone to share. Of course, you could share if you wanted to, but I was able to polish off an entire bowl myself, and no one else in the party seemed to have a problem either.

Third, it’s not your standard chicken broth hot pot. Jazz Cat Cafe offers different soups you can choose from such as Spicy Thai, Curry, and Korean Kimchee, Lemon Grass and House Special. It’s kinda like fondue – but for hot pot. Each hot pot of choice comes with a plate of veggies, meats, an egg and a cane of fish paste to add to your soup. (All very tasty – but keep in mind, that means it’s not buffet).

Overall, it was a great experience because the food was good, the decor was nice and … the food was good. I’ll definitely be returning, just not every weekend since it’s a little pricey. Also, I heard there’s live jazz there certain nights, but unfortunately, it wasn’t when I was there.

Curry Hot Pot

Was a little bland at first, but once you simmered the veggies and meats into the broth it was pretty good. I think next time, I will order the “must try” House Hot Pot.

Spicy Thai Hot Pot

This was a little spicy for me – but I’m a wimp when it comes to that stuff. Someone shared a small bowl of this to go along with my Curry Hot Pot and it was a perfect balance!

Lavendar Milk Tea

This was $2.50 with the Hot Pot combo, otherwise it’s $4.50. This was… different. It tasted like I was drinking liquid soap – which is surprisingly better than it sounds. I’ll probably try something else next time though, or I’ll just stick with hot tea.

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