Tutto A Modo Mio

 482 Bergen Blvd
Ridgefield, NJ

Terrible service, bland-tasteless food

I had a very disappointing dining experience here tonight. We came on time for a 6:00pm reservation. Restaurant was busy but not full. We ordered and then waited much too long for the food that hadn’t arrived. Three tables of people who came after us were served before us. We alerted the waiter and he checked the kitchen and then told us the food would be coming out soon. Much more time went by and again he checked, then he offered us complimentary wine. Still too much time elapsed. When the food finally came, one dish was not even hot and had to be sent back. Our orders were rushed. The maitre d’ offered us complimentary desserts but never fulfilled this.

When asked for an explanation he said they were short-handed and apologized. This was the first mistake—being short-handed doesn’t excuse skipping an order. Our order was skipped because of the staff’s disorganization and lack of attention. Then the food was bland and ordinary. No attempt was made to enhance the flavor by offering grated cheese, pepper, or other condiments. This was the second mistake. Finally the staff committed the third mistake by becoming scarce and ignoring us. Each one of these missteps made the problem progressively worse.

By not being honest and later thinking that ignoring the customers would cover up their mistakes ruined our dinner tonight.

There are too many Italian restaurants in the area that don’t make these critical mistakes and serve tasty food to ever consider Tutto a Modo Mio.

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