Till Kitchen

 9633 Prominent Point
Colorado Springs, CO

Worst Service and Food Ever!

We have been going to Till since it first opened and the food and service has been on a downhill slope ever since. We ate at Till for the last time today. The service was terrible, as it has been the last several times we have been there. My son-in-law had the curry chicken salad in which he bit into several bones and gristle. It was disgusting! I ordered a hamburger medium-rare which was served to me burnt and more than well done. We had to find a server to come and take it away. By the time I got my replacement burger, everyone else was finished eating. The “manager” came to our table and didn’t even introduce himself. He just asked if we wanted something else, told us he took the salad off the bill, and walked away. I don’t know how on earth this restaurant was voted best in Colorado Springs. I have been to fast food joints that have better service and after our experience today…better food! Don’t go there if you are looking for good service and good food because you are in for a huge disappointment.

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