10325 S State St
Sandy, UT

It's about time!!!

I am from Orange County, CA and love Togo’s! When I moved to Utah, I really missed Togo’s sandwiches and every time we go back to CA to visit family, we always make a stop at a Togo’s. They have the tastiest varieties of bread, super delicious meats and you can’t go wrong with any of their famous sandwiches; hot pastrami is the most popular, but my favorite is the turkey, roast beef and cheese…YUM-O!. Yes, we have Subway Sandwich shops in CA as well on just about every corner, but I don’t think you would find anyone who would choose them over Togos. Thanks Togos for finally coming to Utah!

Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese

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Dolphinblu reviewed Togo's
Dolphinblu reviewed Togo's