Asian Fin

 4650 Donald Ross Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Looking for new sushi in Jupiter

First off, I’ve eaten here four times and enjoyed it every time. This may not appear to be a lot of times, but I’m a chef so we don’t eat out often.
Last night my wife and I sat down at the sushi bar and ordered a flask of good chilled sake and the Tuna Carpaccio because we have had it before and enjoyed it. This time they served me “tail pipe tuna” (#3 tuna that has been gassed, look it up). We both looked at each other and my wife said " Let’s get something else." I told the waitress “Sorry, but we don’t want this.” No big deal, we started looking at the menu again. It was our anniversary and we were happy to be out together on a date without the baby.
Chef Yama came over and asked what the problem was. I told him that this was not what we wanted and we would gladly order something else. He became belligerent and told me he has been making sushi for 35 years and this was great sushi. I pointed out the #1 tuna he had in the Hoshizaki case and told him we preferred that instead. He told me “this is not the restaurant for you. You should go down the road!” As I was holding my glass of sake, he snatched it from my hands, took the menu from my wife and said “You leave!”
It is his right to refuse service to anyone. It is his right to serve any quality of seafood he wishes and it is the customer’s right to send back any plate for any reason. But I have also been cooking for 35 years (Exec Chef at Ritz-Carlton, several fine dining restaurants in La Jolla, Aspen and South Florida, as well as 5 years with Inland Seafood in Atlanta), so I know a little about fish and how to ensure customer satisfaction.
My wife and I were a little stunned at first, then laughed and went to see TIm and Jenny at Coolinary Cafe (cool folks and good food). My wife made an observation that maybe he was embarrassed he got caught and didn’t know what else to do but kick us out. Maybe he had bad day. Either way, we are now looking for a decent sushi place in Jupiter.

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