Mimmo's Pizza

 71 Pleasant St
Northampton, MA


When people order takeout, they would expect to have their order correct. In this case, I was quite dissappointed – to put things nicely. I really have doubtful feelings about this place, and am quite recluctant to buy anything from them ever again. I wouldn’t recommend this place for takeout at all, and if I were you, I’d carefully watch the employees as they prepared the meal.


Last night, I ordered a “Big Dom” grinder for take-out from Mimmo’s Pizza. The “Big Dom” is a hot grinder with chicken, ham, eggplant, marinana & mozzarella cheese. I gave a tip of roughly 34% (2 dollars for a 5.75 grinder.) When I bought the the ginder and took it home, I found out that I got the wrong grinder – it was nothing more than a bland and plain old chicken parmesian grinder – no ham, no eggplant. I called them to complain about it, and it was only then that they said they were completely out of eggplant. Still – however, there was no excuse for having no ham on my order. The last I checked, there isn’t a shortage of either of those two items in the market. I tried to order a “Big Dom” almost a month ago, but they said that they were out of eggplant at that time also. Does Mimmo’s even care? I doubt it. Order some product, and give people what they pay for!!!!!!

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