Cava Tapas and Wine Bar

 10 Commercial Alley
Portsmouth, NH

Don't leave a coffee cup on the host stand my parents bought me

Last night, I went into Cava for a drink at the downstairs bar. After I ordered my drink the co-owner John Akar came roaring down the stairs yelling at me for leaving a coffee cup at the host stand. I apologized and told him that I inadverently left my cup outside. John raised his voice at the bar and said, “Do not ever do that again. I paid 500 dollars for that host stand.” He repeated this phrase three more times. The customers at the bar looked dumbfounded, one gentleman turned to me and said, “Is this guy serious?” In an effort to let John know that it was rude for him to treat paying customers like they were disposable I told him that I would not be coming back to his restaurant. At which point I was thrown out and told that he does not need customers like me. So if you are in downtown Portsmouth looking for a 15 dollar glass of wine and some shame head to Cava. If you want a relaxing enjoyable meal try one of our other wonderful restaurants in Portsmouth. I would suggest The Black Trumpet, Massimos. and Jumping Jays.

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Sounds like an exciting time you had!

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