Ajos Y Cebollas Mexican Restaurant

 1648 Tyler Ave Ste D
El Monte, CA

Good food bad service

Upon entering the shopping center were the restaurant is located at, it gives you the impression that this place is big. Once you are inside the promises it actually is a small place. Once you sit down and look around you will find a couple of painting and a mixture of painting of different taste and times. I was not sure if I was in a Mexican restaurant or a Cuban restaurant because the music played while we were there was all Cuban music. Nothing wrong with that just a point I like to make. When it came time to order, we asked what the house specialty was. The lady looked at us like if no one had ever asked that question before and said “Well! Everything is good” we had to insist several times to finally get a suggestion. We asked the waiter if she could bring us some chips while we waited for our food, she replied “You have to get them your self at the corner over there” The waiters and the restaurant attendants had a very negative behavior and it gave us the impression like they don’t belong there or that they are not treated very well by the owners and they get even in the way they can. The first plate was prepared fairly fast and about 8 to 9 minutes later my plate came. Thru all the time we eat there not once did the waiter came to see if we needed anything. The food was good and fresh. This restaurant would excel with same cookers and different waiters and attendants. If you care for the food and not how you are treated then this place has good food. If you are trying to impress your date or a romantic dinner go somewhere else. I gave it two starts only because the food was good.

gecko pasta

This plate is good and prepared on site. The plate is creamy and very tasty. This plate is big more like for two people. The bread it came with was very good and fresh.

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