Golden Bowl

 Rittenhouse Pl
Ardmore, PA

Heavy handed and clunky Chinese food

The restaurant surely looks nice enough, and it’s good to have a new venue in the neighborhood. So I went there for lunch. First time there. Clever lunch menu, one from A, from B, and from C. Chicken or meat or shrimp. Greeted with nice little spicy salad.

But the corn chowder (from A) was so corn-starched as to not be edible. The sesame chicken (from B) was deep fried chicken with a red sauce and some sesame seeds not the real deal or what we have come to expect as really wonderful sesame chicken, and the fried rice (from C) was interesting, lightly fried, and white. Plus a fortune cookie with a good fortune.

I was hungry and so, I ate most of B and C. When I got home, I lost my fortune cookie and the food. I’m not bulimic, and I don’t throw up often. But….there it is.

I’ve heard good things about this restaurant, so maybe I was unlucky, but I don’t think I will be going back.

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