Wangs Fast Food

 509 Broadway
Somerville, MA


I went to buy leek and pork frozen dumplings, but they gave me wrong ones due to wrong labeling by their employee. We found out after boiling them. We would have been okay if our son was not allergic to the ones they gave us – they contained eggs. So I called, they asked me to bring back the dumplings to show that it was wrong. So I brought one back. The wife of the owner came out and yelled at me for not bringing all of them back, and demanded me to go back home to get them or they’ll come home with me to switch. She was yelling at me the whole time as if it were my fault.

The end of Wang’s Fastfood. I am not even demanding a refund. I’m glad that our son did not have it before I found out. The fact that both the owner and his wife yelled at me with no apologies saddened me.

frozen dumplings


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