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I’m an 8th grade teacher and an avid cook, though I’ve been exploring the world of eating out more and more lately, much to the dismay of my bank account. I’d rather eat a hot dog prepared well than poorly done surf and turf.


Spice India

 2407 Mickley Ave
Whitehall, PA

Never had a better Buffet

I love Indian food. It is possibly my favorite thing on the earth—to eat, anyway. I have often gone to Spice India alone because my husband has a thing against Indian buffets. But today he was being nice, and decided to humor me by coming along, and after sampling several of the selections, he is now a convert—‘we can come here every week!’ he happily announced. And we will be.

We arrived early—around 11:30, and so everything was just recently laid out. The selection is fantastic—four or five vegetarian dishes (that my meat-eating husband even tried) and four or five meat dishes in addition to the mixed grill tandoori platter. Everything was perfect—perfectly spiced, perfectly cooked, and there is no way that there could have been a better selection. Hot fresh naan is delivered to the table, which is one of the greatest things on earth, particularly when dipped in the mint chutney. There were no shortage of starters on the buffet as well—many chutneys, several salads, and a mixed fried veggie dish that was beyond description—I picked out all of the pieces of fried cauliflower (I don’t know the actual name of this dish) and would have gone back for more if I’d had the ability to eat more food.

In addition to the great food, they’ve clearly recently remodeled, and the decor is tasteful and clean, which only adds to the experience—but to be perfectly honest, I’d eat that food with my hands, crouched in an alley. It is that good.

Weekend Lunch Buffet

Beyond my expectations!

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