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Bulgarini Gelato

 749 E Altadena Dr
Altadena, CA

I'll have that flavor, and that one, and that one too...

I was surprised to only find a faded “Bulgarini Gelato” sign as I pulled into the lot, the tiny storefront hidden from direct line of sight. Thank goodness the location wasn’t indicative of the quality of the gelato.

One word that came to mind: delizioso! The flavors are based on what they have acquired, and the flavors I tried were: dark chocolate red pepper (rich dark smooth chocolate with a slow tingly afterburn), papaya (this fragrant serving is as close to a real papaya one can get to!), banana (the real, creamy off white/grayish tinged ball was like eating a thick frozen banana-y milkshake), and the Zabaglione (oooh, creamy goodness that went well with everything). Luckily, I had taken notice of one of the guys behind the counter packing a to-go order, half of the container filled with papaya sorbet, the other half being scooped from a stainless steel tin of some freshly made “rosso arancia”. Knowing “rosso” is red, and “arancia” is orange, I had to try some of the blood orange granita sorbet — and I fell in love… Not too sweet, with the natural sweet’n sour tang of blood orange, I wish I had ordered more of it.

With prices around the the $4 – 6 range for a small (3 scoops), medium (4 scoops) and large (5 scoops), I would say any of the sizes are good for a sampling of what they have. However, be warned that the size of each scoop is about the size of a golf ball — but the good thing is that you can opt to have each scoop be a different flavor (as compared to the gelato places popping up around town which give you only one flavor per large scoop).

They were out of popular pistachio when I went, and the owner was jokingly telling another patron that he wouldn’t get his next shipment in until a month later (which surprised me — but maybe it is true that he was waiting for the next fresh shipment to come with his next trip abroad?). Perhaps I’ll go back next weekend and see if the infamous pistachio has made an appearance…

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