Hastings Center Restaurant

 540 Warburton Ave
Hastings On Hudson, NY

A Throw Back

A counter, waitresses in fitting uniforms, a jukebox, and a cup of mud. The Center refuses to let go of the blue collar history that was Hastings on Hudson, before the mediocre yuppie invasion all but stripped Hastings of it’s character. Somehow this tough Greek greasy spoon remains as memory of what once was. The lone soldier standing strong for it’s fallen comrades, Anaconda, King Pizza, Ansels Bar & Grill, Logues Deli, the Hastings Theater and BenSun. It’s counter and booths once home to Hastings legends, Bitchie Edwards, Tony Castaldo, Bob Speigel, Santo Caruso, Gene Hanna, Ronnie Bray, Father Licatta, Ray Obriski, and one David Olmstead. Sources tell me, that Steve Callahan still calls it his favorite spot for an intimate bite with a high school girl. A place where he can endow her with tales of his paper route and share the wisdom of his years. Where in the privacy of a booth in the back, she can feed him soup. Let’s face it, the food is a C- but that’s why the joint works. Where else can you get some good toast? A menu choice endangered and vanishing fast from local dinning. Any toast being served up at the Harvest? N-O. The Center is not just another ‘wannabe’ dinning experience, leaving you wanting more. The Center is real, rare these days, and has been part of the Hastings landscape since most of your asses were as big as shirt buttons. Enjoy this greasy spoon next time you’re in the area. And for all those upwardly mobile, politically correct residents…the waitresses and regulars are laughing at you…not with you. (rear booths and counter provide the fullest experience)




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