Joy Wok

 11920 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, KS

Owner is unreasonable

I went to Joy Wok a few weeks ago for Sunday Lunch. On their website, it clearly indicated (and still does several weeks later), that Sunday lunch from 11 AM to 3:30 PM is $9.20 ( Before our party took our seats I asked what the price was simply to confirm. The person at the front desk told me it was $13.12. I told her that the website said it was $9.20 and asked to see a manger. A man came out and unapologetically told me he didn’t know about that and that the price was $13.12. When we pulled up the website on one person’s phone, he simply retorted that the website hadn’t been updated. After he left, I found out from the front desk worker that he was the owner. I asked for his card and sent him an email discussing the issue of him refusing to honor the advertised price. He never responded. I think he failed to realize that “not updating your website” when you change prices is practically identical with false advertising. He presumed that because we were already there we would stay and pay the higher price. We didn’t. We left and went to another restaurant.

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