Coconuts Waterside

 429 Seabreeze Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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A great local place that no one talks about but everyone knows about. We were staying with friends and they took us there. We were greated at the door by a smiling staff and it never stopped from there. We asked the server why everyone was so nice and they said that they enjoyed where they work. the owner was on the line cooking and you see the passion. My friends come twice a week and say that he is always there. the food was great. We started with crab fingers and tomato salad which was awesome. We all had different entrees and we all cleaned our plates. We came back for lunch the next day and I must say it was even better the next day. I wish we lived in fort Lauderdale and could eat there more often.

Pork Sandwich

Best smoked pork sandwich I have ever had. I am a BBQ fanatic and this was amazing!!!!

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