The Capital Grille

 633 N Saint Clair St
Chicago, IL

Capital Grille is Top Shelf

This place is defintiely top shelf so if you don’t want to feel a little weird make sure you’re dressed nicely. I showed up in “entrepreneur” clothes (t-shirt and jeans) since I didn’t know how fancy it was. Anyhow, the place is not pretentious and the food is great. I can’t say too much since I was there for a business meeting and didn’t focus too much on the atmosphere but I’d recommend it.

The Grille’s Signature Cheeseburger

This is was great burger. I have had some good ones in my time but this would make the top 3 hands down. It almost doesn’t need to have any toppings because the meat is so good. I can’t say mush more than this is one of the must eat burgers in Chicago.

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oooh, you’re cute, you tag restaurants by “beer” and you can afford the capital grille. i have a very myspace-y sort of crush on you.

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